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The Indulgence Tours . . . The Berries

Morton Tourism Association & Friends are excited to be hosting The Indulgence Tours - The Berries in the Village of Morton on Thursday, June 7th starting at 3:00 p.m.

American Legion will be featuring a Berry Sangria . . . yum!!!!!!

Breaking Grounds will be offering a berry-inspired tea and latte, and they will be open until 7p.

Carius' DQ will be offering $1 off Medium or Large Strawberry or Tripleberry premium smoothies and $1 off Medium or Large new Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard . . . very refreshing! 

Great American Popcorn will be joining us!  They will be offering 10% off any item with fruit (or fruit flavor) in it, including popcorn, ice cream, fudge, and chocolates! Open until 8p! 

Lulu's on Main will offer a sampling of dips by Gourmet Creations & iced tea from For Tea's Sake. They will also be offering 10% off entire purchase from 3p until 8p! They are staying open until 8p!

Paddy O'Flaherty's will be joining! Stay tuned for their "berry" drink offering!

So Chic will be participating!!!! They will open until 7p and will be offering 10% of all purchases during that time! They will have some refreshing strawberry lemonade available for shoppers and guests!!!!

Sucre' will be joining us!!!! First, they will be debuting a new berry themed cookie dough which will be kept secret until the big day. But it will be delicious!!! Next, they will be giving away a berry sweet candy- it is one of our favorites! Then, they will be offering a fun activity for both kids and parents- Painting With Berries!!! Only $5/painting & you will also receive a 10% off a purchase coupon!!  Last but not least, you can enter to win a free scoop of cookie dough!! Winner will be chosen at the end of the night!

The Cotton Top will be joining!!!! Yeah! They will be open until 7p and offering an opportunity to screen print a kitchen towel with a berry design, along with some refreshing lemonade!

The Nook inside Nena Ace Hardware Morton is joining us!!! We are so excited! They will be open until 8p, and are offering a Berry Cocktail to serve to adult patrons and a light snack, too! Their kitchen berry baskets will be marked at 15% off.

Thr3ads will be joining once again! They will be open until 7p! They will be offering black and red raspberry candies attached to a 10% coupon. They will be open until 7p!